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(updated on Feb 13, 2011)

Ekho (余音) - a simple Chinese TTS

Please refer to Ekho (余音) TTS

WebSpeech - Javascript library for web developers who want to write pages with voice

Download page:

eSpeak-Chinese - Chinese version of eSpeak TTS

Please refer to eSpeak-Chinese

zhspeak - lightweight Chinese TTS

Download page:

WebAnywhere - web-based screen reader

Download page:

Festival for Windows

If you want to know how to build it yourself, refer to How to Build Festival on Windows.

Download link: festival-2.1-win.7z (7zip) festival-1.96.03-win.7z (7zip) (zip)

praat with espeakedit plug-in (windows version)

I compiled it with MinGW. It will be useful for eSpeak developers. However, this no longer works for the latest eSpeak version because eSpeak uses praat_5xxx now. praat_5xxx seems not able to be built on Windows because it uses ALSA library.

Download link: praat_4519_espeakedit.exe (5M)

eGuideDog::Festival (Perl module) - Wrapper of common functions of Festival TTS

Festival is a famous open source TTS engine, which is written in Scheme (a variant of Lisp). To do some controlling with the voice, for example, speaking some words in a stronger voice or speaking it faster, Scheme language should be used. I've already wrote a Perl module for common Festival functions.

Download page: eGuideDog::Festival

Speech::eSpeak (Perl module) - Perl extension for eSpeak TTS

Download page: Speech::eSpeak

eGuideDog::Dict::Cantonese (Perl module) - An informal Jyutping dictionary.

Download page: eGuideDog::Dict::Cantonese

eGuideDog::Dict::Mandarin (Perl module) - An informal Pinyin dictionary.

Download page: eGuideDog::Dict::Mandarin