wavhdr Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

void set (int srate, bool bits16, int chans, int datlen)
bool is_valid () const

Public Attributes

int riff
int totallength
int wave
int fmt
int formatlength
unsigned short pcm
unsigned short channels
int samplerate
int bytespersec
unsigned short samplebytes
unsigned short samplebits
int data
int datalength

Static Public Attributes

static const int riffmagic = 0x46464952
static const int wavemagic = 0x45564157
static const int fmtmagic = 0x20746d66
static const int datamagic = 0x61746164
static const int badmagic = 0x1a444142
static const short pcmmagic = 1
static const int sizeofhdr = 36
static const int origin = 8

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