free software for the blind

Support Us


You can support us through following ways:

Way 1: Invite us for coffee.

Please add remarks if you want to support a specific product.
Pay attention: we are not charity organization (legally).

Way 2: Buy our service or use our product

Currently, we offer WebSpeech server setup service. Please refer to WebSpeech.
We also develop a series of Android Apps. Please refer to 疯狂学生.

Way 3: Join us

Join us if you have strong ability, high self-motivation and agree to the mission of helping blind to access information. Do not ask us what we need. Tell us what you can offer.

Way 4: Give feedback and help promotion

If you get problems when using our product, tell us! If you think the product is useful, tell others!

We are trying to promote Linux to Chinese blind users. This is a long way to go. Command line is very useful for the blind but it's hard to encourage them to make the first step. We need volunteers to help promotion.

All we have received