ekho::Ekho Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Ekho (string voice)
int setVoice (string voice)
string getVoice (void)
int speak (string text, void(*pCallback)(void *)=NULL, void *pCallbackArgs=NULL)
int blockSpeak (string text)
int play (string file)
int saveWav (string text, string filename)
int saveOgg (string text, string filename)
int saveMp3 (string text, string filename)
int pause (void)
int resume (void)
int stop (void)
int startServer (int port)
int request (string ip, int port, Command cmd, string text, string outfile)
void setSpeed (int tempo_delta)
int getSpeed (void)
void setPitch (int pitch_delta)
int getPitch (void)
void setVolume (int volume_delta)
int getVolume (void)
void setRate (int rate_delta)
int getRate (void)
string genTempFilename (void)
const char * getPcmFromFestival (string text, int &size)

Static Public Member Functions

static void debug (bool flag=true)
static void * speechDaemon (void *args)

Public Attributes

Dict mDict
int mPort
sonicStream mSonicStream

Static Public Attributes

static const int BUFFER_SIZE = 8192
static const int MAX_CLIENTS = 100

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