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(updated on Jan 8, 2009)

Notice: This package will not be updated because I have no time to maintain and it's not so necessary to maintain too. Please visit instead. However, I will continue to contribute to espeak. - Cameron

eSpeak-Chinese is a text-to-speech (TTS) software. It is developed based on eSpeak, which is owned by Jonathan Duddington ( eSpeak-Chinese includes full support of Mandarin and Cantonese, which are not in standard eSpeak because of the big dictionary size.

Main contributors of Mandarin support:

  • Kyle Wang (waxaca at - Create initial dictionary, rule and sound files.
  • Silas S. Brown ( - Help to improve the dictionary (adding CEDICT).

Main contributor of Cantonese support:

  • Cameron Wong - Create Cantonese dictionary file, simple rule and sound files.

eSpeak-Chinese is an important package in the eGuideDog project. Another Chinese TTS eGuideDog-TTS is under development. It is designed in an easier way but bigger package size. It may produce more natural voice than eSpeak because it uses real person voice. It supports Cantonese, Mandarin and limited Korean now. For more information, please refer Ekho(余音).

Download page: eSpeak-Chinese (国/粤语)