free software for the blind

THANKS to ...

(updated on Apr 28, 2013)

Silas S. Brown ( for improving the Mandarin dictionary, help to find someone to record a Mandarin and Korean voice and many suggestions ...

Eric Yip for providing much information about how blind people use computer and donation.

Jonathan Duddington for developing eSpeak TTS and help supporting Cantonese language.

Kyle Wang (王相成, waxaca at 163 dot com) for developing Mandarin support of eSpeak and improving the install wizard of eSpeak-Chinese.

Yali Cheng for recording a Mandarin voice.

Tennom YK for contributing the Tibetan dictionary, helping on the Tibetan voice and a lot others as well.

Trinley Pedron for contributing Tibetan voice.

赵云存 for helping testing and giving suggestion on Ekho's speech-dispatcher module implementation that make Ekho practically usable for Orca screen reader.

Liao Weicheng for contributing Hakka voice and dictionary.

Zhao Qianshan for contributing Ngangien voice and dictionary.

Hae-Sung Jeon ( for recording a Korean voice.

Michael Tang for providing lots of Cantonese dictionary amendment and suggestions to Ekho.

Gelsemium for the translating work from English to Chinese and amendment work on Cantonese dictionary.

Keny Yuen for the help in developing a Chinese TTS.

Doctor Jing Xiao for some theoretical supervision.

Old Cheng (老程) for designing the project logo. By the way, Lao Cheng is not "old" but very cute. As cute as the logo:)

All free software contributors, who make life more beautiful.