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(updated on Mar 10, 2013)

WebAnywhere is a web based screen reader. Here is its old homepage: and here is its new homepage: WebAnywhere at Rochester

We help to improve the software. And we have setup a server in China for public use. Currently this server supports Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin), English and German.

Try it now! - 声网宝

Here is an install guide for WebAnywhere in Chinese. There is also an Installation wiki too.


1Write an install guide for WebAnywhereCharles Zhoucompleted
2Write an interface to EkhoCameron, Charlescompleted
3Write an document for building Festival on WindowsLiu Xuejiacompleted
4Help to develop WebAnywhereCameron, Charlesclosed
5Add multi-locale mechanism to WebAnywhereCameron, Liu Xuejiaworking
6Make PHProxy (used in WA) support JavascriptCameron, Liu XuejiaInvestigating

Notice: WebAnywhere stop working on most browsers since March, 2013 probably because of a Flash update on client browsers. Since we have not enough resource to upgrade WebAnywhere, the software is going to be abandoned. Please contact Cameron Wong (hgneng at if you want to make a donation to support this sub-project. Thank you!